iMMAP's Response to the Syria Crisis Fact Sheet

iMMAP supports the Syrian humanitarian crisis response, since March 2012 through assisting humanitarian actors in Syria. iMMAP contributes to the Whole of Syria (WoS) approach and the analysis from the Regional Food Security Analysis Network (RFSAN). This support extends from information management specialists to assessment experts and is instrumental in improving the overall coordination of the response. This coordination is staged from ve locations; Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, and Iraq.

Market Monitoring Unit Fact Sheet

iMMAP, in collaboration with the Market Monitoring Unit (MMU), will analyze three key market systems in opposition-controlled Dar’a
Governorate in southern Syria. iMMAP will utilize a secondary network of community leaders, professionals, and media teams to carry out
continuous monitoring of the local security context and economic developments in the region to complement market analysis and build
upon iMMAP’s current work in the Population Monitoring Initiative (PMI) project.

Information Management Resource Center (IMRC) Fact Sheet

The primary objective of the IMRC is to provide critical information management support and capacity building to facilitate the enhancement
of coordination mechanisms and further develop information management capabilities of response actors, leading to better identication of
needs and gaps in humanitarian assistance inside Syria.

Population Movement Initiative (PMI) Fact Sheet

An overview of the PMI project. The goal of this project is to improve the protection of the most vulnerable in southern Syria by providing operational updates on population, specifically IDP movements, sub-regional profiling, and contextualizing refugee returns through the lens of humanitarian conditions related to protection across approximately 100 villages in southern Syria.