Burkina Faso

Photo: ©OCHA/Giles Clarke

Burkina Faso


Through targeted support for responders and humanitarian agencies, the H2H Network package helps the response organize into a well-coordinated operation to improve security for IDPs.

As part of the H2H Network, iMMAP facilitates the response through services that improve coordination, data collection, data analysis and visualization, information management and knowledge sharing.

iMMAP built an Intersectoral Analysis Unit as a cell where information is collected, analyzed and visualized, in close coordination with OCHA and other humanitarian actors.


Intersectoral Analysis Unit Support to the Humanitarian Emergency Response in Burkina Faso
Through our capacity in humanitarian settings we tackle the need for timely, accurate and accessible information for program development, filling the expertise gap in country to establish effective response mechanisms.

iMMAP personnel support OCHA, NGOs and clusters with information management and coordination services, while providing capacity building and training to NGOs and the Conseil National de Secours d'Urgence et de Réhabilitation (CONASUR) as a priority service.

iMMAP’s IM experts help improve the response by strengthening the coordination structures through capacity building and services that improve data collection, analysis
and visualization, information sharing and coordination.

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