DIMS: Survey of Civil Society Organizations working in the Lake Chad Basin Region April - May 2022

Who can participate in the survey, how and what is it for?

Since April 2021, iMMAP has been designing and implementing the Directory and Information Management System (DIMS) project on behalf of UNDP and the Lake Chad Basin Commission (LCBC). DIMS is part of the Regional Strategy for the Stabilization, Recovery and Resilience for the Lake Chad Basin. The Strategy - or RSS, as it is commonly referred to- was launched in 2018 by the Lake Chad Basin Ccommission in the four countries affected by the crisis across the Lake Chad Basin (Cameroon, Chad, Niger and Nigeria).

The RSS’s ambition is to further coordination among humanitarian, development and peacebuilding interventions under the leadership of the Governors of the 8 territories: Lac and Hadjer-Lamis (Chad), Nord and Far-Nord (Cameroun), Borno, Adamawa, and Yobe states (Nigeria) and Diffa (Niger). 

One of the key outputs for DIMS in 2022 is the production of a structure for a digital platform that will give visibility and access to technical resources for CSOs operating in the region.

A very important activity for DIMS this year will be to identify and profile all eligible Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) operating in the territories affected by the crisis. The filed survey, which will start on April 14th, 2022, will allow iMMAP to develop a Directory of CSOs and to collect relevant data that UNDP and the LCBC will use to start populating the digital platform.

What is the advantage of being part of DIMS?

Firstly, participating in the survey will make you a DIMS Member. As a DIMS Member, your CSO or CSO network will be featured in the Directory of CSOs in the Lake Chad Basin Region which will be distributed by the RSS Secretariat among its key stakeholders including donors.

Secondly, the data collected through the survey will be integrated in the DIMS Digital Platform, which will be developed by the RSS Secretariat. The DIMS Digital Platform will allow your CSO to access a series of unique self-assessment and support services (for example, information on training and funding opportunities). Other specific CSO-centered services may be provided by the RSS Secretariat as the DIMS Project evolves.

Who is Eligible?

All CSO networks and CSOs operating in at least one of the eight territories: Lac and Hadjer-Lamis (Chad), Nord and Far-Nord (Cameroun), Borno, Adamawa, and Yobe states (Nigeria) and Diffa (Niger). 

CSOs wishing to be part of DIMS must fulfill all the following criteria for membership:

Criteria 1Must be organized as a not-for-profit or function as a social enterprise using market based/revenue generating methods to fund social impact objectives. 
Criteria 2Must be non-governmental and without political affiliation (defined as formal association of logos or active engagement on behalf of a political candidate or party). 
Criteria 3Must be legally registered with the competent authorities of the country in which it has physical presence and/carrying out activities. 
Criteria 4Must be able to show evidence of at least one activity currently being carried out in one of the 8 target territories and in at least one of the 9 RSS pillars;or at least one activity having been carried out over the past 3 years and a stated intention to return within the upcoming 12 months. (For NGO networks, coordination, or support to at least 2 CSOs working in a TAP region qualifies for inclusion).  
Criteria 6Must not have been convicted of violations of applicable law, or have engaged in any form of terrorist activities, violations of human rights or activities contributing to socio-political instability.
Criteria 7Must agree to share the names of the Executive Director and members of the Executive Board with the DIMS team, must consent to minimum data being made public as per the DIMS rules and conditions. 

How can I take the survey?

For those CSOs who feel ready to carry out the survey remotely, our team will send you the link as soon as it is available. Please contact the Information Management Officer in your country if you want to receive the survey link when the digital survey is launched (around mid-March 2022).

If you need support to carry out the survey, and you are eligible (see ´Who Is Eligible?´), please also share your contact details with our colleague in your country. You will be recontacted in April 2022 by an enumerator.

Contacts in your country:
Cameroon: Bettrand Ewane Mbonteh, bewane@immap.org, +237 675278222
Chad: Patrick Torta Djimasra, pdjimasra@immap.org, +23566929301
Niger : Chaibou Oumarou, coumarou@immap.org 
Nigeria: Oni Oluwashina Abayomi, oabayomi@immap.org, +2348128016959

This project is supported by UNDP, and it is implemented in collaboration with Roots & Transition.