Directory and Information Management System (DIMS)

Credit: OCHA/Naomi Frerotte

Directory and Information Management System (DIMS)


Since April 2021, iMMAP has been designing and implementing the Directory and Information Management System (DIMS) project on behalf of UNDP and the Lake Chad Basin Commission (LCBC). DIMS is part of the Regional Strategy for the Stabilization, Recovery and Resilience for the Lake Chad Basin. The Strategy - or RSS, as it is commonly referred to- was launched in 2018 by the Lake Chad Basin Ccommission in the four countries affected by the crisis across the Lake Chad Basin (Cameroon, Chad, Niger and Nigeria).

The RSS’s ambition is to further coordination among humanitarian, development and peacebuilding interventions under the leadership of the Governors of the 8 territories: Lac and Hadjer-Lamis (Chad), Nord and Far-Nord (Cameroun), Borno, Adamawa, and Yobe states (Nigeria) and Diffa (Niger). 

iMMAP collaborates with the NGO Roots and Transition – R&T for the CSO engagement component of the DIMS Project. R&T helps meet the need for new and flexible solutions and tools in the face of continual changes in the area of civilians in emergencies.

Through the DIMS, the LCBC takes a “whole of society approach”, engaging and vitalizing one of the region’s greatest assets, its diverse and abundant civil society. DIMS is inclusive, bringing in as many CSOs as it can who meet minimum criteria of Territorial Action Plans relevance and accountability.

Through DIMs, even the smallest CSOs can grow and collaborate with other CSOs and external partners. For the more advanced CSOs, opportunities to scale programming, increase organizational sustainability, provide peer-to-peer support and seek direct facilitated funding will be offered.

Engagement in the DIMS is voluntary, with CSOs explicitly agreeing to make certain key organizational data and competencies publicly available. All data stored in DIMS Private will be kept confidential and of exclusive ownership of each CSO until its management decide to share parts or the totality of it with the users of the external portal, or DIMS Public.

One of the key outputs for DIMS in 2022 is the production of a structure for a digital platform that will give visibility and access to technical resources for CSOs operating in the region.


DIMS: Survey of Civil Society Organizations working in the Lake Chad Basin Region April - May 2022

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