Loai Siwas

Information Management Officer

Loai Siwas

Data Analyst

Loai is a Data Analyst currently seconded to the Global Logs Cluster/UNWFP. With over 11 years of experience, Loai has been actively engaged in humanitarian work, collaborating with renowned NGOs and UN agencies. Prior to his current role, he held positions with significant responsibilities, including working with the Nutrition Cluster/UNICEF in Addis Ababa for Ethiopia, the Education Cluster/UNICEF for Libya, the Health Cluster/WHO for Tigray, and the COVID-19 Response with the Health Cluster/WHO for Turkey and Syria. Loai has been supporting the Surge Support Program since 2016.

Before joining iMMAP, he served as the Head of IM Unit with Qatar Charity, IM Coordinator with KM in Turkey, and IM Officer with IFRC, and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent in Syria. In addition to his extensive field experience, Loai has conducted over 40 training courses for various INGOs, Clusters, and private companies. His expertise lies in Information Management, Python, R, Data Analysis, Data Visualization, Excel, PowerBI, ArcGIS, Infographic Design, Cartography, and Adobe products.

Loai is a Certified Data Scientist from Microsoft and IBM, specializing in Data Visualization, and is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Data Science & Leadership. Loai is fluent in English, Arabic, and Turkish.