Mohammad Tayseer Al-Daoud

Mohammad Tayseer Al-Daoud

ICT Officer

Mohammad Tayseer Al-Daoud is the ICT Officer for iMMAP’s Middle East and North Africa office, based in Amman, Jordan. He joined the team in April 2017.

Mohammad is tasked with maintaining the MENA office’s IT infrastructure, managing the office’s internet service, identifying and resolving any reported incidents related to IT hardware and devices, and assisting with information security and data protection by designing and implementing disaster recovery strategies to protect valuable data harnessed by iMMAP MENA. Mohammed is also responsible for administering formal and on-the-job training centered on the use of iMMAP’s IT-oriented services, devices, tools, and facilities.

Before embarking on a career in the humanitarian sector with Blumont/International Relief and Development (IRD) at their regional office in Jordan as Senior ICT Manager, Mohammed gathered tangible experience working in Jordan’s IT sector with the likes of Tech Land, NET Inc, i-AXCESS and Troy FX over a span of four years.

Mohammad holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and Information Technology from Jordan’s Applied Science University.