Government of Afghanistan Recognizes iMMAP's Contributions During Country Representative's Farewell Ceremony

Dr. Andrea Porro’s service as the former iMMAP Country Representative (CR) in Afghanistan was officially recognized and celebrated during a farewell ceremony at the headquarters of the Afghanistan National Disaster Management Authority (ANDMA). iMMAP welcomes Mr. Vikas Goyal, who takes over as the new iMMAP CR in Afghanistan.

Dr. Porro (left) meets with H.E. Ghulam Bahauddin Jailani (right), the State Minister for Disaster Management.

On January 6, 2021, Dr. Porro, former iMMAP CR in Afghanistan, met with H.E. Ghulam Bahauddin Jailani, the State Minister for Disaster Management, and H.E. Mohammad Qaseem Haidari, the Deputy Minister for Policy, Coordination, and Planning, for an official farewell ceremony at ANDMA’s headquarters in Kabul.

During the ceremony, H.E. Jailani welcomed Dr. Porro and commended iMMAP’s longstanding support to ANDMA in disaster management under Dr. Porro’s leadership. In particular, he expressed his appreciation of the Afghanistan Natural Hazard Data Center (ANHDC), a geospatial platform developed by iMMAP that provides critical information to line ministries and aid organizations for disaster risk reduction (DRR), planning, and emergency response. H.E. Jailani stated that ANDHC is being used as the first Disaster Risk Analysis Center by the State Ministry for Disaster Management and other members of the High Commission of Disaster Management to prevent, mitigate, prepare, and respond to disasters.

Dr. Porro receives a chapan as a gesture of respect

At the end of the ceremony, H.E. Jailani, H.E. Haidari, and other government officials awarded Dr. Porro with a certificate of appreciation, as well as a chapan (a traditional Afghan overcoat), as a gesture of respect.

ANDMA appreciates the great work of iMMAP in establishing the ANHDC through the leadership of Dr. Porro, the system is crucial for disaster risk reduction and response planning by ANDMA and its key stakeholders. iMMAP also provides capacity development support to ANDMA’s staff which they have benefited from greatly in their day to day responsibilities. All this support would not have been successful if Dr. Porro was not in the top leads of iMMAP. I wish Dr. Porro every success in his next missionH.E. Haidari, Deputy Minister for Policy, Coordination, and Planning

Dr. Porro joined iMMAP Afghanistan in 2014. His first assignment was as an Information Management Officer for the Common Operating Picture for Humanitarian Coordination (COP) project, funded by USAID OFDA (Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance, now the Bureau of Humanitarian Assistance) from 2010 to 2017. In 2016 he became the Project Leader for the COP project. In these roles, Dr. Porro facilitated the transition of two USAID-funded iMMAP projects (COP and DRR) into one single comprehensive framework, ensuring the continuation of the information management (IM) support to humanitarian actors in Afghanistan. In 2017 he became the iMMAP CR in Afghanistan.

Mr. Goyal, iMMAP’s new CR in Afghanistan.

Mr. Goyal took over from Dr. Porro as the iMMAP CR in Afghanistan in late January 2021. Mr. Goyal brings with him 20 years of progressive experience in the delivery of large-scale humanitarian and development projects, working in complex and security-sensitive environments and diverse cultural settings. He has worked in almost 20 countries throughout Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America with various organizations in different capacities. He has extensive experience in fundraising, consortium and partnership building, networking and managing external relations, local talent development, program leadership, and cluster coordination. Mr. Goyal holds an MBA from the Indian Institute of Rural Management and a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce from Jai Narayan Vyas University, India.

I look forward to further strengthening our ongoing partnership with ANDMA, as well as exploring the possibility to support other government institutions. I will ensure that iMMAP Afghanistan continues supporting the clusters and develops further partnerships with UN agencies and the NGO community to provide IM support aiming to contribute to overall program quality.Mr. Goyal, iMMAP CR in Afghanistan

While H.E. Haidari, Deputy Minister for Policy, Coordination, and Planning welcomed Mr. Goyal to his position in iMMAP with the following words;

"We welcome Mr. Goyal as the newly appointed iMMAP CR in Afghanistan and look forward to working more strategically together in our upcoming partnership opportunities and ensuring a smooth handover process of the ANHDC to ANDMA. Based on the strong reputation and trust built between ANDMA and iMMAP, we believe in a long-term vision of cooperation between both agencies. All the best, Mr. Goyal".

iMMAP has been actively operating in Afghanistan since 2010, providing solutions to the IM needs of the humanitarian community to support informed decision-making processes. iMMAP delivers IM products and services to key partners in humanitarian response and DRR, including but not limited to the Afghan Government, humanitarian clusters, UN agencies, NGOs, and civil society, working towards ensuring that data consistency and standardization are integrated into all systems for more efficient and cost-effective emergency response activities by all humanitarian actors.

iMMAP Afghanistan currently has a team of 21 national IM specialists, three international IM specialists, four web developers (based in Indonesia), and one communications specialist. Of the IM specialists, one is deployed to UNHCR, one to WFP, 13 to ANDMA (in Kabul and the provinces), while the rest are based in the country office.