iMMAP Resumes Safety Awareness Sessions for Humanitarian Actors in Iraq

With the gradual return to operations amid the COVID-19 pandemic, iMMAP Iraq resumes its efforts in raising awareness on the dangers of explosive hazards.

Participants of the online Safety Awareness Session

On July 20th, 2020, iMMAP’s Risk Mitigation Information Management Center (RMIMC) together with Spirit of Soccer (SoS) delivered a remote Safety Awareness Session. 25 participants from an array of organizations attended the session, including but not limited to Mercy Corps, International Organization of Migration (IOM), and Swedish Development Aid Organization (SWEDO).

The resumption of the Safety Awareness Sessions was timely as humanitarian actors have progressively started their operations after a four-month suspension due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the gradual return of humanitarian operations has once again brought with it the risk of explosive hazards in areas targeted for humanitarian activities.


Mr. Mohammed Tahir, Spirit of Soccer (SoS) Country Director, delivering the session

The sessions aim to increase awareness on humanitarian access, safety, security, and reduce the risks of explosive ordnances by providing information on the threats of explosive hazards, types of explosive devices, indications of hazardous areas, and the personal safety measures to be taken when encountering explosive devices. Additionally, through these sessions, participants learn how to use indicators that are a part of the situational maps produced by iMMAP to ensure a timely and effective humanitarian response, which is then integrated into the operational plans of their respective organizations.

The Safety Awareness Sessions are complemented with a wide range of situational information products available at the iMMAP RMIMC to ensure the safety of personnel implementing the operations on the ground.

This initiative is made possible through the support of the Iraq Humanitarian Fund (IHF) and the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed with SoS in November 2019.

These Safety Awareness Sessions are organized on a monthly basis by iMMAP. If your organization is operational in Iraq and you are interested in attending our future online training sessions, contact for further information.