Our Work

"We utilize the power of data to transform the way you respond to humanitarian and development challenges. We focus on what we do best, information management, so that you can focus on what you do best."

We offer our partners the full spectrum of information, knowledge, and change management skills and services, while linking that expertise with thematic knowledge in humanitarian aid assistance and emergency response. This allows us to support humanitarian actors to solve operational and strategic challenges. We are experts in working in high-risk environments as a result of political instability, economic crisis, security threats, and natural disasters.

At iMMAP, we leverage our team’s multi-sectoral expertise to deliver services that meet our partners' operational needs. We support the response to some of the critical real-world challenges through evidence-based solutions. We work in the following areas:


iMMAP provides support to manage and minimize vulnerabilities, stabilize crises, coordinate across different sectors and build local capacity to deliver services.


Support coordination and build local capacity to better respond to emergencies and humanitarian crises, including natural and man-made disasters.


Apply our multi-sectoral development expertise and build appropriate information management systems to support every stage of a project’s life cycle.