Threat Impact on Infrastructure iMMAP-IHF, Humanitarian Access Response

The ISIS control over the Ninewa and other major parts of Kirkuk, Salah Al-Din and Anbar provinces left
nothing only a huge destruction to the area. Both the occupied areas by the ISIS and the following military
process of Mosul Oensive Operation by the Iraqi Military Forces torn the infrastructure apart to a huge
extent. Countless amounts of explosive hazards left both on the primary and secondary roads and under the
rubbish of ruined infrastructures aected by the operations according to iMMAP’s Mobile Data Collection MDC
team in the field. The humanitarian situation remained extremely volatile due to the tensions by the
Government’s military operations, political and inter-groups. National and International Humanitarian eorts
to help and support people aected by the repeated conflicts constituted the major and most intricate
humanitarian operations in the area.

  • Iraq
  • September 13, 2018
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  • IHF