ReportHub: la solution de reporting d'iMMAP pour tous les clusters humanitaires en Afghanistan

ReportHub est actuellement le principal outil de reporting utilisé par tous les clusters humanitaires actifs en Afghanistan, tel qu'approuvé par l'équipe de pays humanitaire.

Emergency response activities and projects worldwide are in constant change; all organizations that operate on the ground need to adapt their response to the evolving social and political circumstances, which affect their work in the field.

As frequently observed, reporting operational data to the humanitarian clusters, and ultimately to UNOCHA, can be a complicated and inconsistent process. The reporting activities are commonly hindered with issues such as the existence of multiple versions (in different file formats) of operational source data, errors when processing the data manually, constant delays in reporting, and irregular results when analysing the data, which all together jeopardize the decision-making processes and the quality of the humanitarian assistance thereof.

As part of the active support that iMMAP provides to all humanitarian clusters in Afghanistan, we created an innovative solution to tackle all these reporting issues; ReportHub.

ReportHub is an online reporting platform that addresses the gap in reporting operational data across organizations by streamlining the information flow between clusters, partners, and the humanitarian country team -HCT in support of the Humanitarian Response Plan -HRP.

With this innovative system of gathering and reporting humanitarian data, ReportHub assists cluster partners to develop a common operating picture of who is doing what, where they are doing it, and what needs to be done, and it allows organizations to adapt their approach to the ever-changing situation on the ground.

Soon after its launch in April 2017, ReportHub promptly became a successful platform for most emergency response actors in the country, and it is currently the primary reporting tool used by all humanitarian clusters active in Afghanistan as endorsed by the Humanitarian Country Team.