iMMAP Inc. partners with leading organizations to address global WASH coordination needs

As an estimated 168.2 million people will need humanitarian WASH assistance in 2024, iMMAP Inc. proudly joins the Global WASH Cluster (GWC) Field Support Team (FST) Consortium, emphasizing our unwavering commitment to crucial global WASH initiatives. 

Under the leadership of Action Contre la Faim, France (ACF-Fr), iMMAP Inc. is delighted to join forces with esteemed consortium members, including IMPACT Initiatives and Oxfam Great-Britain. 

Established in 2008 and currently supported by the German Federal Foreign Office (GFFO), our trusted partner, USAID’s Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance (BHA), and ACF-Fr, the FST brings together a dynamic team of highly skilled emergency professionals, rapidly deployable to crisis-affected countries' National Coordination Platforms (NCPs). 

Whether through surge deployments or remote support, the FST provides technical assistance to enhance information management (IM), conduct targeted WASH and joint sector assessments, coordinate preparedness activities, and ensure the quality of WASH responses from partners. 

In 2023, the FST played a pivotal role in global WASH coordination, offering critical operational support through 16 surge deployments across 10 countries affected by large-scale crises (including Libya, DRC, Haiti, Sudan, Kenya, North-West Syria, Türkiye, Malawi, South Sudan, and Jordan). Additionally, the 8-member team delivered 890 days of remote support. 

With a significant presence in the WASH Cluster at the Global, Regional, and Field levels since 2012 and as a longstanding partner of UNICEF (WASH Cluster Lead Agency), joining the consortium is a logical progression in our ongoing commitment to global WASH initiatives. With over 50 IM experts with WASH proficiency in our IM Roster, we stand ready to swiftly and significantly contribute to the success of FST's endeavours. 

For more information on the Global WASH Cluster Field Support Team, please visit the Global WASH Cluster website.