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Global Surge Team and Services

The iMMAP Inc. global surge team is made up of over 400 highly qualified and diverse national and international technical information management (IM) specialists. iMMAP Inc., when required, deploys experts on mission that combine technical IM skills with sectoral and programmatic experience such as Coordination, Food Security, Health, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), Protection, Nutrition, Cash, market and value chain analysis, context and geopolitical analysis, assessments, research and more, to improve country, regional and global decision-making and planning processes in line with the Humanitarian Programme Cycle (HPC) principles.

iMMAP Inc. personnel have a wide range of expertise, including geographic information systems (GIS), remote sensing, data visualization and analysis, development of data collection procedures and tools, survey and sampling design, data management, design and development, research, needs assessments and analysis, monitoring and evaluation as well as capacity strengthening training/mentorship. iMMAP Inc. maintains a surge roster of rapidly deployable international experts to humanitarian operations upon request from partner organizations by using the various agreements in place. The iMMAP Inc. roster ensures cultural, gender, geographic and language diversity. We follow competitive recruitment and selection procedures for the identification of personnel and roster members to ensure the highest quality standards are met with experts deployed on missions.

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Created to fast-track staffing efforts during humanitarian emergencies, the Standby Partnership Programme (SBP) enables the rapid provision of skilled professionals to UN agencies and selected international NGOs. Within days, experienced staff can be deployed to the most complex humanitarian crises to quickly streamline relief efforts and meet unique human resources demands.

Since 2012, iMMAP Inc.’s Global Surge has proudly served as Standby Partner, supporting faster and more effective emergency response. Our extensive roster of more than 400 seasoned Information Management specialists is always on standby for rapid worldwide deployment. The number of available highly qualified roster experts is growing thanks to the addition of the GIS and M&E rosters that are currently being launched by the Global Surge team.

With the support of our trusted partner, the USAID Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance (BHA), our Global Surge has already provided 340 months of support to our partners through the SBP mechanism in 2023. This coverage spans over 22 countries and aids 6 Global Clusters. Over the last five years, 231 deployments have been completed in support of our various partners worldwide.

Through the SBP Programme, iMMAP Inc. currently maintains bilateral partnerships with eleven United Nations agencies and one international NGO: