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    22 hours ago
    iMMAP Colombia y @UNICEFColombia con el apoyo de @EduCannotWait proporcionar a la comunidad humanitaria los conocimientos y herramientas necesarias para comprender la problemática de la igualdad de género en el sector educativo. Inscríbete aquí: https://t.co/WP0JzTnE9X https://t.co/dKhBvcYaXc
    1 day ago
    We have to work together to achieve #SDG, & #geospatial is key to it. We as a community can help in reducing #digitaldivide & increase #circulareconomy. We don't need to reinvent the wheel, we can learn from each other - Stefan Schweinfest, Director, Statistics Division, @UN https://t.co/JC9HhlMg3T iMMAP_org photo
    2 days ago
    Starting today, the Geospatial World Forum in Amsterdam! @iMMAP_org is here. Reach out for those interested in meeting up @GeospatialM #gwf2021 #geospatialworldforum https://t.co/qpxcXDnM7o iMMAP_org photo
    2 days ago
    In Burkina Faso, limited communication coverage and internet connectivity has resulted in misinformation of the #COVID19 vaccination campaign and protection measures with only 42% of the target audience reached by TV, 20% through print media and 19% via online media.📺📻 https://t.co/RhTGTAeo0u iMMAP_org photo
    3 days ago
    iMMAP #Iraq visited IKMAA and met with Spirit of Soccer to discuss the new humanitarian mine action information system.🤝
    The system provides a 24/7 online #opensource application for Explosive Ordnance Risk Education field report entry directly for more accurate reporting.💻 https://t.co/4xRFhsICoW
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