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7 hours ago
في الأسفل, صورة لبيان حقائق قمنا بعمله لتسليط الضوء على سلسلة قيمة القمح في مقاطعتي ديريك وقامشلي السورية.

Below is a photo of a factsheet that we created that illuminates the Wheat Value Chain in the Syrian districts of Derek and Qamishli

#Syria #agriculture #سوريا #الزراعة https://t.co/T4clg8wZr8
iMMAPer photo
1 day ago
Photo of iMMAP at the #Geo4Dev event that was hosted by UC Berkeley on November 15.

صورة لمنظمة "iMMAP" في حدث يدعى "جغرافيا للتطور" والذي استضافته جامعة كاليفورنيا - بيركلي في الخامسة عشر من نوفمبر.

#GIS #Syria #InformationManagement #سوريا https://t.co/DXSQyBbWKj
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1 day ago
The conflict in Yemen is pushing millions to the brink of famine. We must act now to end this terrible suffering and avoid the world’s worst humanitarian crisis from getting even worse. Yemenis cannot wait. https://t.co/J9R7QN4fF0
1 day ago
Alaa has overcome adversity despite countless odds in #Syria, yet this brave young woman still faces life with a smile. Here are her tips for maintaining a positive mindset ↓ https://t.co/jAJmNIvGuT
2 days ago
Our teams are working around the clock to avert famine in #Yemen. But first and foremost, we need to end the fighting so that we can reach the hungry.

Everyone has a voice. Add your voice to tell the world that the conflict must end. #ShareIt https://t.co/etVyyjipXV