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    3 hours ago
    iMMAP Nigeria rounded up its annual 3-day Technical Review Workshop today. Since November 2016, iMMAP has been deploying IM experts to provide technical support to humanitarian sectors’ response to the crisis in northeast Nigeria.

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    7 hours ago
    As part of its #DRR capacity strengthening program in #Afghanistan 🇦🇫, iMMAP recently completed five days of #GIS training 🧑‍💻 for 16 members of staff from ANDMA.

    iMMAP thanks @USAIDAfghan for funding iMMAP to provide this specialized technical support.

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    23 hours ago
    To have a better understanding of school locations and the factors that influence the equality of opportunities for children; iMMAP and @UNICEFColombia, are developing a technical and financial cooperation project to collect, process and analyze data https://t.co/SlY1KC2G76 https://t.co/o2bBAV4au6 iMMAP_org photo
    1 day ago
    In collaboration with the Syria Food and Security Livelihoods Cluster, iMMAP MENA produced a follow-up report that touches on the status-quo of wheat-to-bread processing facilities in Northwest Syria.

    Full report: https://t.co/toonj5iab3

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    4 days ago
    Over 860,000 IDPs live in conflict-affected regions in Iraq. According to our data, 365 explosive hazard incidents(EHI) occurred in August killing 96 and injuring 102.
    iMMAP developed a GIS platform showing EHIs to ensure safe access for humanitarian actors to these regions. https://t.co/GWrXtNq1TW
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