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Feb 2019


Timeline of the Venezuela Crisis

Timeline of the events that take place in the Venezuelan crisis in 2019

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    4 days ago
    Organized to strengthen cohesion and develop a robust strategy, iMMAP held its first Global Comms Workshop that brought together staff from Afghanistan, Nigeria, Spain, France, Iraq as well as the MENA office representing Syria, Yemen and Jordan.

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    5 days ago
    Looking for fun ways to make a refugee feel welcome?

    Here's a cheat sheet: 🍕🥙🥘🌯🥪🍜🥐 https://t.co/FExBlKwWNw
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    2 weeks ago
    Ensuring solidarity with displaced Venezuelans -NGO statement and List of NGOs endorsements | International Council of Voluntary Agencies https://t.co/kPRXD5Duvb
    2 weeks ago
    Today, iMMAP concludes a five-day general IM workshop that was held at the request of the Food Security Cluster in Sudan. The team trained the participants on food security indicators, data visualization, data mapping, and data collection.

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    2 weeks ago
    #ENMundo @ligiabolivar: Los controles generan mayor riesgo de desaparición de migrantes porque caen en redes de tráfico ilegal de personas https://t.co/TbR8JMGFeJ