Success Stories

World Environment Day: iMMAP Addresses Climate Risks and Humanitarian Needs through Information Management

iMMAP pioneers environmental and humanitarian initiatives, predicting climate risks, supporting disaster reduction, and managing water resources in Colombia, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

Strengthening Aid in Ukraine: iMMAP Supports Localization through Information Management & Capacity Building

iMMAP and CARE have partnered to enhance the humanitarian response in Ukraine. While CARE operates as a first-line actor delivering direct humanitarian aid to people affected by the war, iMMAP provides information management products and services enabling informed decisions to greater impact the support of people in need.

iMMAP Data Cube for sharing educational risk index information

A new web platform has been introduced, harnessing the power of the iMMAP Data Cube to facilitate the exchange of information on educational risk indices.

iMMAP 4th Virtual Event Explores the use of Innovation and Technology for Improved Community Engagement

With the support from USAID’s Bureau of Humanitarian Assistance, iMMAP held its fourth annual Virtual Event on April 12-14. This year’s theme focused on how innovation and technology can help foster better community engagement.

Stories from iMMAP deployees: Nour, IM specialist deployed with UNDAC following the Türkiye-Syria earthquakes

Deployed for a month in Gaziantep with UNDAC, Nour Khalil details the intricate challenges faced by the response teams in the field and chronicles the gigantic scale of the Türkiye-Syria earthquakes.

Strengthening Humanitarian Capacities in Afghanistan With ReportHub

iMMAP provides specialized training to help aid workers in Afghanistan improve their capacity to respond to the country's crisis. The training focuses on ReportHub, a platform designed to help humanitarian organizations collect and submit clean and accurate data, visualize information, and facilitate decision-making.

Humanitarian Mine Action and Peace Building Efforts in Iraq's Southern Governorates

In the southern governorates of Iraq, explosive remnants of war continue to pose a serious threat to the lives and livelihoods of the people. In response, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) such as Spirit of Soccer (SoS) and the Danish Refugee Council's Humanitarian Disarmament and Peacebuilding (HDP) Teams are working to provide Explosive Ordnance Risk Education (EORE) to children, youth, shepherds, and farmers.

Women iMMAPers at the core of humanitarian innovation and technology

Women working in technology are leading the way to gender equality in the industry. On International Women’s Day, we would like you to meet 13 of our most amazing iMMAP women who are rolling up their sleeves and using technology and innovation to bring exceptional expertise to humanitarian response around the world.

iMMAP Successfully Delivers Risk Mitigation Resource Center (RMRC) Project in Iraq

The Risk Mitigation Resource Center (RMRC) project in Iraq is now closed after over a year of implementation. During its existence, the project successfully collected data on incidents to inform humanitarian actors and partners so they can conduct their operations safely.

Mihan: Iraq's first governmental platform dedicated to employment in the private sector

14 months ago, iMMAP started its “Information Management Capacity-Building Support for the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs” project in Iraq. The goal? To assist MoLSA in managing data from the millions of jobseekers that approach them. The solution? Mihan!

Stories from iMMAP deployees: Selin, Information Management Officer (IMO) with WFP Global Food Security Cluster

Selin Ustaoğlu is a Turkish Data Analyst from iMMAP's Surge Roster, seconded to the Global Food Security Cluster at WFP Headquarters, in Rome. in this interview, she discusses her ongoing Standby Partners experience with WFP.