iMMAP Annual Report 2018

iMMAP turns data into information and creates knowledge for decision makers operating in development contexts, situations of violence, post-disaster, and conflict recovery. Our mission is to harness the power of information to facilitate evidence-based decisions to improve people’s lives.

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We offer our partners the full spectrum of information, knowledge, and change management skills and services.
Our expertise is linked with thematic knowledge in humanitarian aid assistance and emergency response (e.g. food security, health, coordination, development, disaster risk reduction, humanitarian mine action, security, climate change, agriculture, and much more),
allowing us to support humanitarian actors to solve operational and strategic challenges. We are experts in working in high-risk environments as a result of political instability, economic crisis, security threats, and natural disasters.
We partner with organizations to provide more effective services based on informed decision-making, which ultimately leads to improved outcomes for vulnerable communities.
This cost-saving approach enables humanitarian aid and development organizations to provide high-quality assistance that impacts the wider population.

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  • Afghanistan Kabul
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  • Ethiopia Addis Ababa
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What our partners think

iMMAP3 days ago
iMMAP France is now eligible to apply for DG-ECHO funding and provide Information Management (IM) support to humanitarian actors, contributing to better management of information and therefore to better programmatic and strategic decisions for an improved humanitarian response.

#informationmanagement #europeancommission #information
iMMAP5 days ago
On May 16, a high-level delegation from the Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining (GICHD) visited our Erbil offices to discuss the activities of iMMAP on Humanitarian Mine Action (HMA) Information Management (IM) in Iraq, and the challenges that this discipline faces in the country. iMMAP also provided the GICHD members with more in-depth insight into iMMAP's growing presence globally.

iMMAP and GICHD have previously cooperated on various projects, platforms and IM tools, supported by the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between the two organizations to improve the global community's support to HMA in Iraq.

This meeting confirms the common areas of interest of the two organizations, and it paves the way for further conversations on an expanded and coordinated response to the challenges posed to the various aspects of Information Management for Humanitarian Mine Action, both in Iraq and globally.

#informationmanagement #humanitarianmineaction
iMMAP2 weeks ago
As part of a project funded by the Swedish Red Cross to strengthen the Iraqi Red Crescent Society's (IRCS) Information Management (IM) capabilities, iMMAP Iraq conducted a training program for IRCS's WASH and Health departments, from April 21 to May 2, 2019.

The IRCS staff were trained on the foundations of IM, the efficient use of Microsoft Office Suite and the migration of data collection and reporting mechanisms from paper to electronic formats by using an integrated information and knowledge management (KM) system, developed explicitly by iMMAP for the IRCS.

After obtaining these new skills and knowledge during the training, the IRCS representatives will train their colleagues in other IRCS offices across the country, as a cost-effective method of transferring and building up institutional knowledge.

The next phase of this program will deliver intermediate and advanced level content for IRCS heads of departments and staff, for effective use of the IM and KM systems to improve the quality of the data collected, the speed of analyses and the access to information across the organization.

#informationmanagement #capacitibulding #ircs
iMMAP3 weeks ago
Maxar Technologies, a global technology innovator powering the new space economy, announced significant customer growth for its geospatial subscription products line.

Among its array of top-of-the-line geospatial products is EarthWatch, a tool iMMAP employs and subscribes to for satellite imagery and geospatial data.

For more info shedding light on this remarkable development, please check out Maxar’s press release:
iMMAP3 weeks ago
Building and strengthening the capacity of national actors is consistent with the need for localizing humanitarian and development assistance, a key pillar that is upheld by the wider humanitarian and development community, and highlighted in the 2019-2021 Humanitarian Response Strategy for Nigeria.

#capacitybuilding #humanitarianresponse #informationmanagement

2 days ago
Excitement is palpable in #Hodeidah today as work kicks off for the third of 30 days in @UNDP’s #Ramadan cash-for-work programme. This is part of our continued commitment to the #Yemeni people and the Stockholm Agreement! #YemenCantWait Read more:
2 days ago
In consultation with our partners, @IOM_Yemen and #YEMAC, see what @UNDP in #Yemen is doing in #Aden to help ensure the safety and security of #Ethopian #immigrants in the 22 May Stadium.

#YemenCantWait #InvestinHumanity
3 days ago
iMMAP and DG-ECHO Sign Framework Partnership Agreement for the provision of Information Management (IM) support to humanitarian actors.

#informationmanagement #europeancommission #information
3 days ago
الممثل المقيم لبرنامج الأمم المتحدة الإنمائي في اليمن كان اليوم في الطليعة خلال تدشين مشروع #نظافة مدينة #الحديدة.

بالرغم من تكدس ٣٥٠ طن من القمامة يوميا إلّا إن المشروع، ذو الشهر، سيوفر لحوالي ١١٠,٠٠٠ يمني المال اللازم وخصوصا خلال #رمضان

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