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iMMAP turns data into information and creates knowledge for decision makers operating in development contexts, situations of violence, post-disaster, and conflict recovery. Our mission is to harness the power of information to facilitate evidence-based decisions to improve people’s lives.

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We offer our partners the full spectrum of information, analysis, and capacity strengthening skills and services.
Our expertise is linked with thematic knowledge in humanitarian aid assistance and emergency response (e.g. food security, health, coordination, development, disaster risk reduction, humanitarian mine action, security, climate change, agriculture, and much more),
allowing us to support humanitarian actors to solve operational and strategic challenges. We are experts in working in high-risk environments as a result of political instability, economic crisis, security threats, and natural disasters.
We partner with organizations to provide more effective services based on informed decision-making, which ultimately leads to improved outcomes for vulnerable communities.
This cost-saving approach enables humanitarian aid and development organizations to provide high-quality assistance that impacts the wider population.

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iMMAP5 days ago
As land use 🎑 🐃 and property is one of the main sources of conflict in #Ethiopia 🇪🇹, the humanitarian coordination mechanism recently set-up a Housing, Land and Property Working Group (HLPWG).

To support the humanitarian community, iMMAP has developed a new dashboard to keep track of the gaps and progresses of the HLPWG activities. 👨🏽‍💻

This dashboard will allow partners to identify needs of the affected communities and target response activities more effectively. Which in return will help mitigate the triggers of conflict. 🎯

👉Learn more:
iMMAP6 days ago
iMMAP and the United Nations Mine Action Service (UNMAS) collaborated🤝 to deliver a 30-day training to six representatives of national authorities from Borno state in northeast #Nigeria 🇳🇬.

This foundational training👩‍🏫 in humanitarian mine action #informationmanagement aimed to support participants in preparing the establishment of the Nigeria National Mine Action Center (NMAC)🔺.

They have been introduced to IMAS 05.10, IMSMA Core from #GICHD, while looking at the role of stakeholders to obtain high quality #data collection and analysis📊.

Learn more:
iMMAP1 week ago
iMMAP is delighted to support the Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) Cluster with #informationmanagement 📈products that support the coordination🎯 of their activities in #Afghanistan.

The latest IM product delivered to the cluster is the WASH Cluster Dashboard for Humanitarian Response Services.

It📊 provides a snapshot of the humanitarian services based on the data reported to ReportHub by implementing partners.

Learn more:
iMMAP1 week ago
iMMAP #Iraq🇮🇶 is leading the Third Party Monitoring (TPM) project to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of Humanitarian Mine Action (HMA)🔺 activities conducted by implementing partners (IPs).

The TPM team has conducted 19 field visits to operation areas under the responsibility of IPs, including NPA, Tetra Tech and SOS, in the provinces of Anbar, Babylon and Karbala, between May and August 2022.✔️

Clearing land allows to regain access to infrastructure and housing properties🏫, as well as for the purposes of agricultural🌾 and pastoral use🐄.

Learn more:
iMMAP2 weeks ago
In coordination with the northeast #Syria🇸🇾 (NES) #foodsecurity and #livelihoods (FSL) Working Group Team, the iMMAP FSL Unit started a new round of data collection on the #wheat🌾 to #bread processing facilities mapping.

The WG teams are now preparing the agenda, participating partners, and locations of assessment📊. iMMAP will then analyze the data and release the information products.

The WG partners can use the report to plan evidence-based interventions and advocacy to support the wheat-flour to #bread value chain in NES.📅

Read our previous report here:

7 hours ago
¿Sabías qué? El Foro de ONG Colombia cuenta con el único monitoreo periódico de flujos migratorios de población haitiana y africana en tránsito transcontinental en Colombia. En promedio mensualmente hay 39 mil personas de estas nacionalidades en el país.👉 iMMAP_org photo
5 days ago
To support the Housing, Land and Property Working Group, iMMAP #Ethiopia developed a dashboard to identify the gaps in response and progress of activities.

These activities will contribute to the reduction of the triggers of #conflict in Ethiopia.🎯

iMMAP_org photo
6 days ago
iMMAP and UNMAS delivered a 30-day humanitarian mine action IM training🧑‍🏫 to members of Borno state in #Nigeria.

It aimed to support the establishment of the National Mine Action Center covering software solutions and the role of stakeholders.✅

iMMAP_org photo
1 week ago
iMMAP Afghanistan supports the Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Cluster with IM products for the coordination of its activities.🎯

We just delivered the WASH Cluster Dashboard, providing a snapshot of the activities conducted by implementing partners.
iMMAP_org photo
1 week ago
iMMAP #Iraq🇮🇶 is leading the Third Party Monitoring of #humanitarianmineaction🔻tasks conducted by partners. From May to August iMMAP conducted 19 field visits.

Clearing land allows to regain access to housing properties🏠 and land use🐄.

iMMAP_org photo

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