Who We Are

About iMMAP Inc.

iMMAP Inc. is an international nonprofit organization that provides information management services to humanitarian and development organizations, enabling partners to make informed decisions that ultimately provide high-quality targeted assistance to the world’s most vulnerable populations.

We support humanitarian actors to solve operational and strategic challenges. Our pioneering approach facilitates informed and effective emergency preparedness, humanitarian response, and development aid activities by enabling evidence-based decision-making for UN agencies, humanitarian cluster/sector leads, NGOs, and government operations.

iMMAP Inc. has been at the forefront of information management support for humanitarian clusters (UN and International NGOs): Logistics, WASH, Health, Protection, Education, Nutrition, Camp Management, Protection, Food Security, and Gender-Based Violence.


iMMAP Inc.'s mission is to harness the power of information to facilitate evidence-based decisions to improve people’s lives.

iMMAP Inc. turns data into information and creates knowledge for decision-makers operating in development contexts, situations of violence, post-disaster, and conflict recovery.


iMMAP Inc. envisions a world where no one suffers due to a lack of access to timely, relevant and reliable information that has the power to transform lives.

Core values

  • Evidence-based information: iMMAP Inc. enables evidence-based decisions and practices that lead to targeted interventions that are cost-efficient and sustainable.
  • Data Integrity: iMMAP Inc. safeguards the accuracy and consistency of data throughout its lifecycle. We implement measures to ensure iMMAP remains a reliable partner for evidence-based information and decision making.
  • Information sharing: iMMAP Inc. promotes appropriate data sharing among humanitarian and development partners to promote better planning and enable innovative solutions to meet the needs of the most vulnerable populations.
  • Lead transformation: iMMAP Inc. is committed to staying at the forefront of information management to solve operational and strategic challenges of our partners.
  • On Standby:iMMAP Inc.'s experience in emergency settings has shaped its services to respond better to the needs of its partners. We remain on standby to assist our partners to fill the gaps in information management and emergency coordination.
  • Respect: iMMAP Inc. fosters an environment that promotes respect for populations in need of help and contributes to upholding their dignity.

What We Offer

We offer our partners the full spectrum of information, knowledge, and change management services, including capacity strengthening, covering sectors and thematic areas such as food security and livelihoods, agriculture, population movement, urban profiling, health, coordination, disaster risk reduction, market and value chains, and mine action among others.

We partner with organizations to provide cost-efficient and more effective services based on informed decision-making. Our cost-saving approach enables humanitarian aid and development organizations to reach more people and provide high-quality assistance that impacts the wider population.

What we do

  • Promote coordination between actors through better information sharing
  • Identify who, what, where, and how people need assistance, the severity of their needs, and how to appropriately meet those needs
  • Support humanitarian organizations to deliver life-saving aid to beneficiaries more efficiently
  • Assist governments and development actors to determine reconstruction priorities in post-conflict zones
  • Advise governments on how to mitigate the impact of natural disasters
  • Increase efficiency and timeliness of field assessments
  • Identify gaps in the market value chain to target support interventions
  • Provide organizations with a holistic and comprehensive contextual analysis of the areas in which their interventions occur

How We Work

Direct Support: Providing solutions and strategies to support sectoral and organizational specific needs.
Standby Partnership: iMMAP Inc. maintains an active surge capacity Standby Partnership Program with nine United Nations agencies: OCHA, WFP, FAO, UNICEF, IOM, WHO, UNHCR, UNFPA and UNDP. iMMAP Inc. has proven its ability to support emergency response efforts across multiple geographic locations throughout Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America.
Project Based: We provide services through cooperative agreements and direct grant support.
Multi-Actor Partnerships: iMMAP Inc. participates in consortiums and other multi-actor projects that provide high-quality humanitarian and development services through synergies, such as UrbAN-S Syria and the NGO Forum.

Our Donors

iMMAP Inc. has a diversified donor base. Our donors include the US Department of State, USAID Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance, United Nations, and the World Bank.