Setting the Benchmark for Data-Driven Humanitarian Response

As iMMAP Inc. conclude its project supporting the humanitarian response in Syria through Information Management, performed by our team based in Amman, Jordan, we reflect on a period of dedicated data-driven humanitarian effort, setting a profound benchmark in the midst of complex regional challenges.

iMMAP Inc. Jordan's Transformative Role in the Syrian Crisis

With key data initiatives, iMMAP Inc. produced thousands Information Management (IM) products and trained more than 1,000 humanitarian actors in IM. 

Set against the backdrop of the Syrian conflict, which created a vortex of humanitarian challenges including mass displacement and widespread infrastructure devastation, iMMAP Inc. teams supported the humanitarian response in Syria in an evolving circumstance. Their expertise in data collection, information and contextual analysis, GIS, and remote sensing played a role in navigating and responding to the complexities of the crisis.  

Collage of in-person IMO and GIS workshops and field activities held by iMMAP Inc. Jordan throughout the years. © iMMAP Inc., 2023.

This project began on a modest scale, with a small, dedicated team focused on making a significant impact in a region facing complex humanitarian challenges. The journey began with just two staff members supporting the U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) in Amman. From these humble beginnings, iMMAP Inc. swiftly grew into a critical nexus for agencies engaged in crisis response. iMMAP Inc. provided vital cross-sector support to major organizations such as UNICEF, <WHO, and WFP, while also collaborating with a range of International Non-Governmental Organizations (INGOs). Despite facing a significant shortage of local Jordanian and Syrian Information Management Officers (IMOs), iMMAP Inc.’s IMOs stepped up remarkably.  

Supported by the USAID’s Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance (BHA), the project saw substantial growth, strengthening our data management support in humanitarian efforts. Thanks to this funding, we've enhanced our ability to aid United Nations agencies and other INGOs in their humanitarian decision-making processes.   

Impact through Collaboration, Coordination, and Knowledge Transfer

The Jordan team at their final workshop in Amman. ©iMMAP Inc., 2023. 

IMMAP Inc. Jordan’s work with the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UN-OCHA) included dedicated  contributions to humanitarian response plans and needs assessments, integrating our data management and analysis skills into these processes. One of the significant endeavors was the launch of the Regional Food Security Network (RFSAN) with the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of Jordan in 2015.  This initiative broadened our response capabilities to include key aspects of food security, showcasing our strengths in remote sensing and market analysis.   

As the project expanded, iMMAP Inc. took the lead in managing the Information Management Resource Center (IMRC),  funded by the USAID’s Bureau of Humanitarian Assistance (BHA).  The IMRC was instrumental in empowering food security initiatives, primarily through comprehensive data analysis and management in Syria. The center’s work offered nuanced insights into evolving situations, enabling various stakeholders such as humanitarian organizations, local governments, and INGOs to circumvent protracted humanitarian crises and tailor their response strategies.    

"Perhaps the most gratifying aspect of our journey was the empowerment of local markets and the nurturing of information management expertise. Our efforts have significantly contributed to the professional development of numerous individuals, embedding the crucial role of information management in humanitarian efforts.” Mohammed Belo, iMMAP Inc. Jordan and Syria Country Representative

iMMAP Inc. Jordan's production of thousands of Information Management (IM) products and the training of over 1,000 humanitarian actors in IM have been significant not just in terms of capacity building, but more importantly, in shaping a more informed and responsive humanitarian sector. These initiatives are evident to iMMAP Inc.’s commitment in meaningful contribution to the humanitarian intervention landscape in Syria.  

“I never imagined that my career path would lead me to where I am now, and iMMAP Inc. has truly transformed my life. Being a humanitarian worker wasn't part of my career plan as a typical graduate. However, everything has changed, and what we do here holds immense value not just for the community but for the entire world where our work involves helping people in need and vulnerable populations. In terms of professional development, iMMAP Inc. has opened a new spectrum for me, introducing me to the world of data visualization and information design. It feels like I was created for this. I began my journey with iMMAP as an IM intern in December 2019, and here I am now a Data Visualization Expert at WHO - HeRAMS initiative.”Omar Al-Taylouni, Data Visualization Expert at WHO – HeRAMS intiative (iMMAP Inc. SBP)

"iMMAP Inc. played a pivotal role in my career journey, igniting my expertise in humanitarian information management. Starting as an Information Management Officer in 2016, I grew exponentially, eventually becoming an Information Management Coordinator by 2020. The invaluable experiences and diverse skill set acquired at iMMAP Inc. empowered me to lead innovative projects at UNFPA, support UNICEF's child protection initiatives, and contribute to vital programs in conflict zones. I'm immensely grateful for iMMAP Inc.'s unwavering support, which equipped me to navigate complex challenges across 16 Middle Eastern countries during my tenure at UNICEF."Tareq Abu Khadijeh, Information Management Officer, UNICEF Middle East Regional Office

As our project supporting the humanitarian response Syria wrapped up in November 2023, iMMAP Inc. has set a benchmark in supporting the Syria Cluster through empowering local talents in Information Management, which lead iMMAP Inc. marking a durable impact in the region. 

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