Strengthening Health Response Coordination in Ethiopia

Building upon many years of technical expertise in developing humanitarian tools and software solutions, iMMAP creates and implements Health Cluster Information Management System (HCIMS) to enhance coordination.

Kobo Health Centre in Fentale District, Ethiopia (Photo: ChildFund/Jake Lyell)

As part of iMMAP's commitment to strengthening emergency response operations in Ethiopia through information management services, iMMAP's team of information management officers (IMOs) seconded to the Ethiopia Health Cluster developed the new Health Cluster Information Management System (HCIMS).

Created to support the needs of Health Cluster partners, the HCISM is an online tool that integrates several modules under one information management system. The HCIMS includes the cluster 4Ws (who does what, where, and when), Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP) indicators, the Health Cluster Bulletin, and reporting on the COVID-19 response.

The system replaces the traditional Excel-based 4Ws while harmonizing all critical Health Cluster information needs into one online system. It facilitates reporting, minimizes errors, and saves the time previously spent collecting information on different thematic areas from various tools.

Ethiopia Health Cluster Information Management System (HCIMS)

Amid the COVID-19 movement restrictions in Ethiopia, iMMAP IMOs conducted the first online training to cluster partners, aiming to introduce the HCIMS and build these organizations' capacity to achieve a professional understanding of the system.

Twenty-five aid professionals attended the training representing 15 different humanitarian organizations, mainly national NGOs, international NGOs, and UN agencies.

Based on iMMAP's expertise in delivering remote capacity building in multiple countries, the online training was conducted through different techniques including Webex, screen sharing, technical demonstrations on monthly and weekly COVID-19 data sets, interactive sessions, presentations, and question-answer sessions. Participants received training on several functionalities of the HCIMS, including data entry and the current monthly and weekly reporting requirements.

iMMAP team conducting online training for Health Cluster partners

The newly-developed HCIMS automatizes the information flow between cluster partners and the coordination team, producing high-quality data that supports informed decision making. Once all partners reach the necessary understanding to utilize the tool effectively, the HCIMS will increase the cluster's capacity.

This instrumental project was developed as a result of many years of iMMAP's technical expertise in developing tools and software solutions that support humanitarian information and coordination efforts across multiple world regions.