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Community-Empowered Information Management in Colombian Settlements

Colombia grapples with one of the world's largest internally displaced populations, stemming from a trifecta of causes: conflict and violence driven by non-state armed groups and criminal organizations, recurrent natural disasters, and an influx of migrants and refugees from neighboring Venezuela. In response, communities have erected settlements across the country, where living conditions are often precarious and humanitarian needs are acute.

iMMAP Inc.'s Data-Backed Impact on Colombia's Refugee Crisis

Using innovative methods, iMMAP Inc. and GIFMM partnered to improve humanitarian response for migrants willing to brave one of the world’s most dangerous migration routes.

Empowering Humanitarian Professionals in Managing the Venezuelan Migrant Crisis through Effective Information Management Trainings

iMMAP Colombia's Humanitarian Information Management program enables professionals to address the Venezuelan migrant crisis through effective training. This helps improve the humanitarian response on the ground and fosters a sustainable ecosystem of knowledge transfer.

World Environment Day: iMMAP Addresses Climate Risks and Humanitarian Needs through Information Management

iMMAP pioneers environmental and humanitarian initiatives, predicting climate risks, supporting disaster reduction, and managing water resources in Colombia and Afghanistan.

iMMAP 4th Virtual Event Explores the use of Innovation and Technology for Improved Community Engagement

With the support from USAID’s Bureau of Humanitarian Assistance, iMMAP held its fourth annual Virtual Event on April 12-14. This year’s theme focused on how innovation and technology can help foster better community engagement.

Women iMMAPers at the core of humanitarian innovation and technology

Women working in technology are leading the way to gender equality in the industry. On International Women’s Day, we would like you to meet 13 of our most amazing iMMAP women who are rolling up their sleeves and using technology and innovation to bring exceptional expertise to humanitarian response around the world.