iMMAP Internship Program Proven Highly Successful in Training and Promoting Young Talent

In November 2016, Loai participated in iMMAP’s Core IM training where he was first introduced to the field of information management. Loai possessed a strong background in IT and graphic design but was never able to use both in the same job, until he discovered iMMAP. Following the training, Loai was among the first group of individuals mentored by the Common Services Unit. Following his training, Loai was deployed to Watan, a Syrian NGO committed to helping people and reviving communities, where he worked for five months as an information management officer (IMO).

Recognizing the quality of work provided by Loai, Watan decided to hire him at the end of his contractual period, but Loai had a different plan in mind. Mohammed Latif, iMMAP’s Common Services Unit Coordinator wanted Loai to join his team. During the training and contract period with Watan, Mohammed was impressed by Loai’s ability to easily comprehend complex concepts, master advanced IM skills, and his ability to continuously develop himself. Mohammed offered Loai a job in his unit as an IMO/Data Visualization Officer. Loai accepted the offer and joined the team in June 2017 and has since continued to grow his professional skills and has been a great asset to the team.