Targeted Information Management Support to the Emergency Shelter and Non-food Items Cluster in Afghanistan

iMMAP has been supporting the Emergency Shelter and Non-Food Items (ES-NFI) Cluster through targeted information management (IM) support to help coordinate the shelter response in Afghanistan, where nearly 11 million are in need of adequate shelter and non-food items.

Afghanistan ES-NFI Cluster Operational Presence Dashboard

Intensified conflict throughout 2021, drought and other natural hazards, COVID-19, and the broad-based economic crisis following over four decades of war has forced vulnerable communities into extreme poverty. The collapse of basic services and development programming since August 2021 has pushed many people reliant on development assistance into a state of emergency. 

According to OCHA’s Afghanistan: Humanitarian Needs Overview (2022), the Whole of Afghanistan Assessment conducted in 2021 found that 31% of households impacted by conflict have either lost or severely damaged shelters. In 2022, nearly 11 million people are in need of adequate shelter and non-food items, including life-saving winter support in the form of heating items, blankets, and winter clothing. 

Over the past several years, iMMAP has produced a range of key IM products for the ES-NFI Cluster that have been updated regularly, based on data submitted to ReportHub and other data sources, to help inform partners on the progress of their responses. iMMAP has supported and produced several IM products for the ES-NFI Cluster, including: 

  1. 5W - Interactive Dashboard
  2. Operational Presence Dashboards
  3. Humanitarian Response Plan Dashboards (National Level)
  4. Humanitarian Response Plan Dashboards (Regional Level)
  5. Flash Floods Assessed Needs
  6. Inter-Cluster Coordination Team (ICCT) Winterization Advocacy Dashboards
  7. Stockpiles Overview – Interactive Dashboard
  8. Winterization Response Dashboard

These custom and unique IM products are updated on a regular basis, each of them tailored to the specific needs and requests of the cluster. The Operational Presence Dashboards show the presence and activities of partners in specific areas and implementing fields. The 5W – Interactive Dashboard shows who is doing what, where, when, and for whom. The Regional Monthly Snapshots display the activities reported by partners for all the services provided, as well as their progress towards the targets set in the Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP). 

Winter is a major concern in Afghanistan, especially in high-altitude locations and areas of concentrated displacement. As part of iMMAP's well-established support to the ES-NFI Cluster in Afghanistan, iMMAP has been responding to the Cluster's request to produce Winterization Response Dashboards, precipitation, and snow coverage projection maps. These products help to inform the ES-NFI Cluster’s planning for its winterization responses. 

As a member of the ES-NFI Cluster, Islamic Relief Worldwide uses iMMAP’s information management services such as ReportHub and information products for our data management and reporting purposes, as well as the designing of new interventions.  iMMAP is a reliable source of information and their services have helped us prepare a reliable picture of the existing gaps and overlaps across Afghanistan.Mr. Owais Jamshidi, Islamic Relief Worldwide

Afghanistan Winterization Dashboard

In addition to natural hazards like drought, earthquakes, snow avalanches, and landslides, Afghanistan faces devastating flash floods. iMMAP has produced maps that show affected areas by the flash floods, to help the cluster effectively coordinate the shelter response.

Some of the products delivered to the ES-NFI Cluster

The IM-related support that iMMAP provides is very important and it is evident in the improvement of the IM products that have been introduced in the last year. Partners have also benefited from this support, and it is needed in ensuring that the ES-NFI Cluster’s responses are provided in a timely manner and that they are evidence-based. Mr. Patrick Mutai, ES-NFI Cluster Coordinator

In addition to static and interactive dashboards, infographics, and maps, iMMAP Afghanistan has been conducting workshops and training sessions on ReportHub, a tool for streamlining the information flow between clusters, partners, and the Humanitarian Country Team in support of the HRP. The ES-NFI's Cluster partners are trained on how to create and edit projects, submit monthly, financial, and stock reports, as well as data visualization. After these capacity strengthening sessions, the Cluster and Cluster partners can report their operational data on ReportHub - and ultimately to OCHA - easily and consistently.

iMMAP thanks the ES-NFI Cluster for its trust and confidence in iMMAP’s IM support and looks forward to continuing to cooperate closely with the Cluster and its partners to ensure an evidence-based response in Afghanistan.

About iMMAP

iMMAP is an international not-for-profit organization that provides IM products and services to humanitarian and development organizations, enabling partners to make informed evidence-based decisions that ultimately provide high-quality targeted assistance to the world’s most vulnerable populations.

Funded by USAID, iMMAP has been actively operating in Afghanistan since 2010, delivering IM products and services to key partners in disaster risk reduction and humanitarian response.

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