Arsenii Slieba

Arsenii Slieba

Information Management Officer

Arsenii is an Information Management Officer based in Kabul, Afghanistan. He is currently responsible for GIS and quantitative analysis working closely with a team of experts from different fields, and he provides Cluster IM support with information products, thematic cartographic materials, static and dynamic infographics.

As IMO he has a broad range of responsibilities related to mapping, maintaining geodatabases, GIS analysis, data collection, data analysis, and data visualization. He is regularly participating in the capacity building of national staff sharing his professional experience in GIS and data analysis with the Afghan colleagues.

Before joining the iMMAP team in Kabul, Arsenii was working with UN OCHA in Ukraine, in Kyiv, and in the Kramatorsk field office for almost three years as a National IMO and GIS officer. He partook in extensive external engagement by working with partners and clusters on the ground and he was a GIS focal point. He also worked in the private and government sectors in Ukraine as a GIS Analyst for more than 7 years.

Arsenii studied GIS, Land Management, and Cadaster in the Institute of Land Management and IT at the National Aviation University in Kyiv, Ukraine and holds an MSc with distinction in Geographic Information Systems (GIS).