Darya Sagaydak

Darya Sagaydak

Information Management Officer

Darya is an Information Management Officer deployed to the Global Logistics Cluster in charge of reviewing and developing a wide range of visual documents, tools, and templates. She also supports several country offices with data analysis and report production. Darya is also responsible for improving the Global Logistics website and creating User behavior analytics documents.

Before joining iMMAP Inc., Darya worked seven years with OCHA in Ukraine, in Kramatorsk and Kyiv, and one year in Geneva, as an Information Manager Officer. Before joining the UN, Darya was a cartographer, engineer of photogrammetry, and a specialist in satellite images and Lidar data for various private companies in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Darya holds a Master's degree in Geoinformation Systems and Technologies from the National Technical University in Donetsk, Ukraine, and a Bachelor's degree in Geodesy, Cartography, and Land Use from the same university.

Darya is fluent in Ukrainian, Russian, and English and intermediate in French.