Elena Shubina

Elena Shubina

Information Management Officer

Elena is a Senior Information Management Officer at iMMAP Afghanistan, where she joined in September 2016. She provides cluster and partner information management support, promoting best practices for data management, data reporting, and data analysis.

In her work, she puts a special emphasis on quality of data visualization as a means of transforming humanitarian data into actionable insights to drive decision making. She is passionate about setting higher visual standards both for iMMAP and for partners.

Prior to joining iMMAP, Elena gained her Information Management experience by working with UN OCHA in Ukraine since the beginning of the humanitarian operations in response to the conflict.

Elena studied Geography and Development Economics in Belgium, and she holds an MSc. in Economic Sciences and an MSc. in Geographic Sciences from the Université Catholique de Louvain. When she isn’t working she enjoys enhancing her creativity through pen-and-ink drawing and meditation.