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3 days ago
With schools like this one destroyed by war, children in Yemen have no place to learn.

Today, 2 million children across the country are out of school.

Yemen's children deserve a future.
3 days ago
iMMAP Nigeria Engages in IM Capacity Building Activities for Partners in Maiduguri and Damaturu
#capacitybuilding #training #informationmanagement #Nigeria
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4 days ago
“I think JIPS’ collaborative approach provided a unique perspective to the whole process, esp. on the toolkit, which is the skeleton of the project.” Our conversation with Ola Samarah @iMMAPer about data collection in #Syria and the methodology approach. iMMAPer photo
6 days ago
Limited access, lack of first-hand knowledge: these are some of the challenges partners faced during data collection in Syrian cities. Ola Samarah @iMMAPer, who had worked with us on developing the methodology, told us how they overcame these issues ► iMMAPer photo
1 week ago
Since the beginning of 2019, flash floods in #Afghanistan have affected more than 163 000 people and have caused the displacement of 42 000 people.
iMMAP supports the response by providing IM products visualizing and analyzing key data about affected people and areas.
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