iMMAP Standby Partnership Report

With the support from USAID, since 2012 iMMAP has been an official Standby Partner to United Nations agencies, providing skilled and experienced human resources in humanitarian emergencies. Through the iMMAP Roster of rapidly deployable information management experts, we provide surge capacity support in emergency operations.

Mozambique (WHO/Nieuwenhof)

In times of emergency, one of the challenges responders face is a lack of reliable, vetted data on which to base decisions. This lack of accurate data can have a direct impact on the lives and livelihoods of beneficiaries as it affects the correct allocation and delivery of scarce financial and material resources, impeding the development of a clear common operating picture, and impacting the formulation of effective response strategy and policy.

To ensure professional management of humanitarian data, highly skilled information management officers (IMOs) are called upon to improve the quality, timeliness, use, and sharing of critical humanitarian response data. Over the years, iMMAP has provided surge support personnel through the Standby Partnership to facilitate the response to multiple natural and human-caused disasters.