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4 hours ago
#GWC25 - Ready to kickstart our Annual Meeting Main Event Week today with GWC members and national WASH sector coordination teams.

140 participants | 72 Organizations | 44 Countries
🌍 🌏 🌎

Let's reimagine our work and collaborate towards a 🆕 strategic plan for 2022-2025​ 💧 https://t.co/jdF8ESxwmq
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8 hours ago
📣iMMAP recently published the Annual Report for 2020.
Read a message from our CEO, William Barron, and find out about all the achievements we have made towards supporting our partners through #informationmanagement.
The iMMAP Annual Report for 2020⬇: https://t.co/4WK8xrhZfz https://t.co/ifI4buC10W
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9 hours ago
How are satellite earth observations used in addressing humanitarian challanges?
Join us on ´Geospatial Frontiers: Remote sensing and open-source analysis for humanitarian response in armed conflicts´ session at the #HNPW tomorrow at 15:00 CET.
Register: https://t.co/SWMsZvznch https://t.co/BJMuziYhuU
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1 day ago
On April 12, the Regional Information Management Working Group (IMWG) was activated in #Tigray, Ethiopia🇪🇹 with support from iMMAP.
The kick-off meeting covered topics including harmonized reporting, mapping, info products and info sharing.
Learn more➡️: https://t.co/E2fKr9oVKA https://t.co/sTjh6AM4Pp
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1 day ago
In 2017, humanitarian organizations faced immense challenges operating in northeast Syria due to risks of #ExplosiveOrdnance.

iMMAP's information management tools were able to fill gaps and support mine action actors to eliminate these risks. Read more at https://t.co/Hwtc9RqQfP https://t.co/eJOKQ7YAtd
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