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1 day ago
#NecesitamosQueSepas que "durante 2021 se registraron amenazas directas contra el personal humanitario, retenes ilegales, hurto e incineración de vehículos humanitarios".

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2 days ago
In #Colombia, spread of informal settlements is exacerbating the humanitarian crisis.
iMMAP, and #ThinkingMachines, adopted an #AI model to detect and profile these settlements through Satellite Imagery and Mobile Apps.
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3 days ago
¿Sabías que 2,4 millones de niñas, niños y adolescentes en #Colombia necesitan la atención del Gobierno y la comunidad humanitaria para acceder a alimentos, agua potable, protección y educación?

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3 days ago
Emergency #shelter and non-food items (ES/ #NFI) response in #Ethiopia: iMMAP providing #informationmanagement for effective relief.
1rst quarter of 2002: performances and gaps in #humanitarian help provided to crisis-affected communities across country:
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4 days ago
📣iMMAP is proud to be a part of the “DEI Compact: INGO Commitments toward Greater Diversity, Equity and Inclusion” - a call to address systemic barriers to more inclusivity.

👉To join the meeting at 11-12pm Eastern time:
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