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9 hours ago
49% of the population in #DRC 🇨🇩 stated that since the beginning of #COVID19, government restrictions impacted household income due to;
1️⃣Unpaid leave
2️⃣Forced unemployment
3️⃣Decrease in overtime work

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1 day ago
In Burkina Faso🇧🇫, the ongoing #insecurity has hindered access to quality #education and led to major displacement with consequent disruption of learning, overcrowding in schools, and stigmatization of displaced children. 🏫

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2 days ago
Following the successful launch of OSDBMA across #IKMAA offices, iMMAP Iraq 🇮🇶 conducted an advanced training on the platform's #GIS feature to efficiently generate reports, conduct spatial analysis and create maps.🗺️

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3 days ago
Would you like to join the iMMAP Roster? 🏃🛬

We are now hiring M&E specialists for the iMMAP Roster.

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Deadline for applications are 20th of February, 2022‼️
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4 days ago
iMMAP Colombia 🇨🇴 apoya al sector de #educacion en manejo de información, realización de productos de información y análisis, contribuyendo así a transformar la educación para construir un futuro mejor. #DíaDeLaEducación #ImpulsarLaEducación

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