IMMAP Nigeria and the Yobe State Government Meet to Discuss Collaboration on Information Management Projects

iMMAP Nigeria Team and the YITDA DG, Dr. Adam K. Mohammed

In line with the state government's digitalization mandate, iMMAP Nigeria is planning to extend its support to the Yobe state government to build IM capacity and enable a more efficient response to the crises affecting the state.  

This will be implemented through collaboration with YITDA to establish the state's data center, develop innovative information systems, and provide capacity strengthening in IM and GIS, inter alia. Thanks to this support, the government will be able to embrace technological advancement in their e-governance and strengthen access to livelihoods for the Yobe state youth.  

 The iMMAP team, consisting of the Country Representative, Arie Claassens, and Information Management Officer, David Amos, was taken on a tour of the agency's facilities, such as the Y-Net project site and the new YITDA office space. At the Yobe state government house Dr. Mohammed, and the iMMAP team met with the state's Permanent Secretary, Mallam Abdulkarim Mai Umar, representing the Secretary to the State Government (SSG), to discuss iMMAP's support to the Yobe State through iMMAP's Humanitarian Information and Analysis Unit (HIAU). 

In the first phase of its support, iMMAP will deploy technical expertise to help evaluate the information management gaps and needs within YITDA. This will enable iMMAP to develop relevant capacity building and data-related solutions for the agency. Thanks to the financial support of the USAID Bureau of Humanitarian Assistance, iMMAP continues to provide critical IM services that help partners make informed decisions about the locations and needs of vulnerable populations and plan cost-effective interventions across the BAY states.