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iMMAP has had a presence in Colombia since 2009 and has worked on projects with IOM, OCHA, UNDP and the Resident Coordinator’s Office during its time there. Bogotá has a regional coordination hub to respond to the Venezuela crisis starting in 2017.

Venezuela is facing a worrisome deterioration of living conditions since 2017 due to a combination of falling oil output, international sanctions, spiraling hyperinflation and scarcity of basic goods. The economic crisis has thrown the majority of Venezuelans into poverty and extreme poverty. Some 90% of households indicate they cannot afford to purchase food. The basic food basket is currently six times pricier than the minimum monthly wage. This led to a sharp increase in the migratory flows out of the country during the period, notably towards neighboring Colombia.


Information Management Support to Colombia
The goal of this project is to provide expert information management services and capacity building to humanitarian partners working in the selected clusters and ONIC in Colombia, with the aim of improving the quality and frequency of reporting on humanitarian needs and implemented activities by the various humanitarian stakeholders in a manner that takes into consideration gender, age, and disability gaps. Through these activities, the overall understanding of the crisis will be improved, thus leading to well-informed decision-making and fair utilization of available resources.
Strengthening the Education Sector and Local Coordination Mechanism for Planning, Implementation and Monitoring of the Sector Response to Emergencies
This seven-month project aims to support the Education Sector with information management to ensure that all reports are compiled, and relevant information is shared with sector partners and donors to enhance the education response across the country. The project aims to strengthen the flow of information from field level Education Sector partners to the national level while developing the capacities and tools for planning, monitoring and accountability of activities to improve the overall education response for migrant and host community children in Colombia.
Mapping of Settlements and Their Wash Conditions in the Departments of Atlántico and La Guajira
This project aims to map human settlements in the Departments of Atlántico and La Guajira and their accessibility to education institutions, health centers and child development centers while studying their Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) conditions. The project is implemented in partnership with Dymaxion Labs, Premise and Kuery to identify the needs of these settlements while providing this information to relevant humanitarian stakeholders for advocacy purposes to improve the living conditions within the settlements and their access to basic services.
IM Support to UNICEF’s Emergency Coordination and Monitoring and Evaluation Unit
The objective of this technical assistance project is to focus on the formulation and strengthening of IM products of for the emergency response while improving the monitoring and evaluation coordination mechanisms and providing support to the field teams in La Guajira, Arauca, Nariño, Norte de Santander, Choco and Atlántico.
Information Management Support to Sectors Under GIFMM in Colombia
Under this project, iMMAP provides support to the Education, Food Security and Nutrition, Health, Socio-Economic Integration, and WASH sectors until March 2024, in coordination with the Inter-Agency Mixed Migration Flows Group (GIFMM). Under the GIFMM umbrella, the sectors and GIFMM will work under a commonly designed protocol aimed at creating and maintaining a products portfolio to improve decision-making, allowing for sectoral innovation while also ensuring a catalog of standardized GIFMM information products to provide consistent analysis that meets GIFMM criteria and reduces duplication of efforts. The key activities and deliverables in the current project were coordinated with the sectors and GIFMM and included in the Regional Refugee and Migrant Response Plan (RMRP) 2021.

This project is made possible thanks to the support of the US Department of State Bureau of Populations, Migrations and Refugees (PRM). This support enables iMMAP's information management assistance to all of the prioritized sectors, providing support to Venezuelan migrants and refugees in Colombia, enhancing coordination and the overall quality of the humanitarian response to this critical humanitarian crisis.

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