iMMAP Nigeria Presents its Work and Accomplishments During the Past Year

Information Management Support to the Humanitarian Sectors in Northeast Nigeria 2018/2019

Amr Osman Kambal at iMMAP Technical Review Workshop 2019

iMMAP Nigeria held the 2019 Technical Review Workshop from the 24th to the 26th of July 2019. Since November 2016, iMMAP has been providing Information Management (IM) support to eleven humanitarian sectors responding to the crisis in northeast Nigeria. The sectors supported by iMMAP during this period have included CCCM/Shelter & NFI, Education, Child Protection, GBV Sub-sector & GBVIMS Coordination, Protection, Health, Nutrition, Food Security, WASH, Early Recovery, and Logistics.

Among the attendees were Humanitarian Sector Coordinators and Partner Organization/Agency Representatives who made significant contributions to the event with questions, comments, and suggestions.

From the Education Sector perspective, what iMMAP is doing with the deployment of IMOs in different sectors, is the heart of Coordination function. The Sector was able to get verified and confirmed data from the field because of the IMO’s support who did his best to understand the approach in Education in Emergency and went on to develop adaptive tools.Passy Amani, Education Sector Coordinator

(Left to Right): Passy Amani, Bob Bongomin, and Sylvia Opinia

Days 1 and 2 of this three-day interactive workshop involved presentations of reports of the support provided to the sectors by each seconded iMMAP Information Management Officer (IMO) and iMMAP’s Gender-Based Violence Information Management System (GBVIMS) Coordinator. Other reports came from the Capacity Building Team and the Communications Team.

Day 3 of the Workshop saw presentations of iMMAP’s activities and accomplishments globally and in Nigeria by Mr. Christophe Bois (CEO, iMMAP France), Mr. Abdon Trowonou (Regional Director for Africa, iMMAP), Mr. Amr Osman (Country Representative, iMMAP Nigeria), and Mr. Richard Sennoga (Capacity Building Lead, iMMAP Nigeria). A presentation on ReportHub was also delivered on the final day of the event by Mr. Patrick Fitzgerald, the creator of ReportHub, and Mr. Caleb Ikyernum, WASH sector IMO who is piloting ReportHub in the WASH Sector in Nigeria.

The Rollout of ReportHub in the WASH Sector has improved the systematic and timely collection, analysis, and sharing of WASH response monitoring information. We then took it further with the development and implementation of the python-based Automated Monthly Reports (AMR 1.0), which extracts data from the ReportHub database and automates data analytics and choropleth mapping in as little as 3 seconds. Caleb Ikyernum, iMMAP's WASH Sector IMO

Caleb Ikyernum, iMMAP's WASH Sector IMO

With the support from USAID OFDA, iMMAP Nigeria will continue supporting all humanitarian sectors operating in the northeast through information management and coordination services, in order to provide the actors involved with a more accurate picture of the situation on the ground that will facilitate a more cost-effective humanitarian response.