iMMAP to Attend the 2023 Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Week in Geneva

Join iMMAP at the 2023 Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Week in Geneva to learn from experts and explore innovative technologies and techniques in humanitarian response. iMMAP will present three sessions showcasing our innovative work in Syria, Colombia, and the future of information management in aid.

iMMAP will be attending the 2023 Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Week (HNPW) in Geneva, Switzerland. The in-person event, which takes place from April 24 to 28, brings together humanitarian actors from around the world to discuss the latest trends and innovations in humanitarian response. 

As part of the event, iMMAP will be presenting three sessions on their innovative work in Syria, Colombia, and the future of information management in humanitarian aid. These sessions will provide both in person and remote attendees with the opportunity to learn from iMMAP and explore cutting-edge technologies and techniques that are revolutionizing humanitarian response. 

iMMAP Colombia Country Representative presenting at the HNPW 2022.

On April 24, iMMAP's Country Representative for Syria and Jordan, Mohammed Belo, will present the first session entitled " Revolutionizing Humanitarian Response in Syria:   Transforming Food Security and Livelihoods in Syria through Effective Information Management". Belo will showcase iMMAP's Food Security and Livelihoods (FSL) unit's work in Syria, using GIS and remote sensing technologies, along with advanced IM software and applications developed in-house. The session will demonstrate how iMMAP's FSL unit provides humanitarian partners with critical information to foster improved mapping of needs and greater targeting of assistance. 

To learn more about how pioneering IM and GIS techniques are improving the effectiveness of the humanitarian response in Syria, join our online presentation, on April 24th, 11:00am CET.

On April 27, iMMAP's Country Representative for Colombia, Jeffrey Roberto Villaveces, will present the second session entitled "Linking Local Communities to the Humanitarian Response and Risk Management Response Plans". Villaveces will explore the fundamental links between community engagement and information management, drawing on iMMAP's experience in Colombia. The session will highlight iMMAP's expertise in involving local communities and connecting with community leaders to facilitate smooth operations and sound decision-making.  

To learn more about how to engage with local communities to foster improved information management, join our talk on Thursday April 27th, 9am CET.

On April 28, iMMAP's Head of Innovation, Business Development, and Technology, Bertrand Rukundo, will join Belo and Villaveces for the third session entitled "Navigating the Future of IM in Humanitarian Aid". The panel discussion will focus on the future of information management in humanitarian aid, with experts discussing how artificial intelligence and machine learning are rapidly shaping our daily lives and how these technologies are bound to transform the outlook of humanitarian aid. 

To learn more about how humanitarian information management will evolve with the development of AI and related technologies, join our conversation Friday, April 28th at 3pm CET.

In addition to presenting these sessions, iMMAP will also be organizing bilateral meetings and networking opportunities with other humanitarian actors in attendance. These meetings provide the occasion for iMMAP to connect with other organizations, share ideas and experiences, and explore potential collaborations and partnerships.