ReportHub Customization to Scale up Humanitarian Response Monitoring and Reporting in Nigeria

ReportHub Customization to Scale up Humanitarian Response Monitoring and Reporting in Nigeria

Following the success of ReportHub in Afghanistan, where iMMAP´s online reporting and data management tool is widely used by the humanitarian clusters, iMMAP initiated the rollout of the platform across Africa.

In late July and early August Patrick Fitzgerald, the creative mind behind this innovative reporting solution, was on a mission in Nigeria to introduce ReportHub and initiate its customization to the Nigerian humanitarian context.

During the mission, the iMMAP team met with the CCCM, Shelter/NFI, WASH and Health Sector Coordinators and IMOs in Maiduguri. These key technical officers were introduced to the strategic and technical system performance aspects of ReportHub.

Patrick shared his experience and knowledge on ReportHub by demonstrating the technical feasibility of customizing and adapting the tool to the humanitarian context in North-East Nigeria. This also provided an opportunity to showcase the success of ReportHub in other humanitarian response operations such as Afghanistan.

As part of the workshop delivered by iMMAP, the IMOs received practical training on the tool, and they were shown how ReportHub has enhanced the automation of the 5W data collection, data management, data analysis, and data visualization processes. Subsequently, all sector IMOs had the chance to test ReportHub by themselves, providing essential feedback on the tool, which will help iMMAP to refine the system and integrate sector-specific functionalities.

One of the main features of ReportHub its flexibility, which will allow countering the limitations historically associated with the use of conventional 5W data management mechanisms, thus facilitating the ongoing customization for sector-specific data collection and data reporting needs. That way, all sector IMOs will be able to focus on data analysis and data presentation instead of the frequent and bothersome consolidation of spreadsheets that contain data in different formats which partners commonly provide.

ReportHub is currently being piloted in the WASH sector. Plans are underway to pilot it in two more sectors, that is, CCCM, Shelter/NFI, and the Gender-Based Violence (GBV) sub-sector. Once the system customization in the pilot sectors is successfully completed, the platform will be rolled out for the rest of the sectors, and it will eventually be integrated into the broader humanitarian community in Nigeria.

It is expected that ReportHub will constitute the sector-preferred response planning and monitoring solution in the long run, as is the case with Afghanistan, where iMMAP´s platform has been endorsed by the Humanitarian Country Team (HTC), thus serving as the main monitoring and reporting solution for the majority of humanitarian clusters in the country.

Given the current, severe L3 emergency status, the timing for introducing ReportHub in Nigeria is now critical since it is of extreme importance for all humanitarian agencies and clusters to establish innovative and systematic information management approaches that lead to consistent, evidence-based decision-making processes to effectively assist the most vulnerable communities in the country.