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    1 day ago
    ⚠️On this #DRRDay it is important to remember that #onlytogether can we improve our preparedness and response to disasters.🤝
    Since May, iMMAP has been supporting IRCS with DRR activities through IM and capability assessments.
    📸 DRR dashboard for IRCS
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    2 days ago
    💭Did you know that in northwest Syria, only 66% of the population were able to have access to the standard daily minimum bread needs, while the average reported selling price of 1 kg of bread dropped by 28% between the first and second quarters of 2021?
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    7 days ago
    In Burkina Faso, there is a deficit in hygiene provisions in schools - critical to combat the increasing numbers of #COVID19. As of May, 35% of the primary schools had no access to water while 20% of the schools had no functional latrines.🚰
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    1 week ago
    Médicos de Mundo, realizó una evaluación de necesidades de la población migrante proveniente de Venezuela en tránsito (caminantes), en la ruta Pasto – Ipiales, en Nariño, Colombia.

    iMMAP presenta los resultados a toda la comunidad humanitaria
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