Context Update - Northwest Syria - April 2023

This report provides an overview of the current context in Northwest Syria as of April 2023, highlighting the ongoing challenges faced by the region, including conflict, displacement, and limited access to basic services. This context update also discusses the efforts of humanitarian organizations to address the needs of vulnerable communities. Overall, this report emphasizes the continued need for support and assistance to address the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Northeast Syria.

The month of April saw an escalation in the pace and volume of efforts spent to engage GoS in the regional diplomatic sphere. Although it remains unclear how developments could unfold in the long term, it is likely that the next few months could bring changes to various international and internal dynamics in Syria. Should Arab initiatives prove to be taken seriously by Damascus, the manner in which various opposition entities will be approached will be a highly sensitive endeavor as demands for Asad to pay his debts in concessions for improved diplomacy will increase.

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  • April 2023