Rapid multi-sectoral needs assessment of populations affected by Gu flooding - North Gaalkacyo and Jariiban District, Somalia, May 2024

During April to June 2024, heavy rains in Somalia caused by El Niño and a positive Indian Ocean Dipole led to widespread flooding, affecting 268,359 people and resulting in 9 deaths. Destruction of farms, infrastructure, and livelihoods was reported.

In May, flash floods impacted Khayrdoon IDP settlement and Xarfo town in north Gaalkacyo, displacing 268 households in Khayrdoon, damaging a primary school in Xarfo, and displacing 250 families in Ballibusle village. This flooding event exacerbated vulnerabilities in North Gaalkacyo, which has faced multiple shocks, including floods in late 2023 that displaced over 180,000 people (UNOCHA,30/05/2024).

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