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Information Management as a Driving Force Behind Food Security and Livelihoods (FSL) Cluster Operations in Ukraine

Charles Hopkins, Ukraine’s Food Security and Livelihoods (FSL) Cluster Coordinator, reflects on the collaboration between the Cluster and iMMAP Inc., praising the role of Information Management Officers (IMOs) in enhancing humanitarian response and coordination, and how IMOs shapes the strategies for growing the Cluster tenfold amidst the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

Deploying Participatory Rural Appraisal Methods to Enhance Humanitarian Response in Ukraine

By harnessing efficient data collection methods and developing new information management products, iMMAP Inc. in Ukraine is striving to enhance the humanitarian assistance, ensuring it is more targeted, timely, and tailored to address the needs of local communities.

iMMAP Inc. Empowers Ukrainian NGOs Through Tailored Training Sessions

Through specialized training in data collection, management, analysis, and visualization, iMMAP Inc. is committed to enhancing the capabilities of local NGOs to deliver effective, informed, and data-driven humanitarian assistance.

Rebuilding resilience through soccer in Ukraine

In one of the most mine-affected countries in the world, Spirit of Soccer (SoS) Ukraine trains youths on bomb safety.

Bridging the Digital Divide for GIS Solutions in the Humanitarian Field

iMMAP Inc. Ukraine developed the Ukraine Digital Atlas. This innovative GIS tool facilitates the planning and implementation of humanitarian activities through easily accessible and customizable mapping.

Strengthening Aid in Ukraine: iMMAP Supports Localization through Information Management & Capacity Building

iMMAP and CARE have partnered to enhance the humanitarian response in Ukraine. While CARE operates as a first-line actor delivering direct humanitarian aid to people affected by the war, iMMAP provides information management products and services enabling informed decisions to greater impact the support of people in need.

Women iMMAPers at the core of humanitarian innovation and technology

Women working in technology are leading the way to gender equality in the industry. On International Women’s Day, we would like you to meet 13 of our most amazing iMMAP women who are rolling up their sleeves and using technology and innovation to bring exceptional expertise to humanitarian response around the world.