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23 hours ago
iMMAP realizó una misión de caracterización del impacto de la COVID-19 y las necesidades en las comunidades del Amazonas. Ver Informe:

Adicionalmente compartimos con ustedes una publicación web con resultados y testimonios:
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2 days ago
Since Mar 2020, #Bangladesh has been experiencing multiple stages of the #COVID19 pandemic coupled with fires and floods that have ravaged Cox´s Bazar camps. 🔥☔️
Despite government interventions, humanitarian needs - primarily shelter, protection and health remain urgent.
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3 days ago
iMMAP Iraq🇮🇶 provided training for the GIS staff of the KRG Joint Crisis Coordination Center focused on GIS workflows, ArcGIS Pro, hydrological analysis and web maps. The aim was to improve the team´s capacity to develop IM products for disaster risk assessment and response.🗺️ iMMAP_org photo
5 days ago
#ComunicaONIC| Hoy el Consejero Secretario General ONIC, @GerardoJumi y la Consejera Esneda Saavedra de la Consejeria de Derechos de los Pueblos Indígenas, Derechos Humanos y Paz ONIC, estuvieron reunidos con @iMMAP_org para proyectar el mejoramiento de nuestro @SMT_ONIC. iMMAP_org photo
5 days ago
iMMAP #Nigeria hosted its annual Technical Review Workshop between 9-10th of September - attended by 42 stakeholders.👩‍💻🧑‍💻
The event aimed to review the IM support iMMAP provided to partners responding to northeast Nigeria crisis, lessons learned and what next year will bring. 🤝
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