Northeast Syria: Animal Feed and Fodder Manufacturing Facility Mapping Report

Interviews with feed market players were conducted by enumerators, using a data collection tool with semi-structured questions designed to draw responses based on the study objectives. The study respondents targeted animal feed and fodder facilities (retailers, wholesalers, and grinding and manufacturing factories The questionnaire was developed by iMMAP in close coordination with the FSL Task Force and the Northeast Syria (NES) Agriculture Technical Working Group. Six organizations participated in the data collection (ACTED, Mercy Corps, Solidarites International, ArcheNova, EWAS, and MRD), in addition to iMMAP’s data collection service provider. Enumerators interviewed animal feed and/or fodder facility owners/managers to carry out the mapping of retailers, wholesalers, and factories. The surveys were designed to explore the operational capacity of the functional animal feed and/or fodder facilities and the commercialization of the livestock feed and fodder business.

  • Syria
  • Report
  • February 2023