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4 hours ago
iMMAP MENA Regional Director Craig von Hagen’s presentation at the “Innovations in Disaster Risk Reduction 2019” Workshop can now be viewed online via this link on @ceuhungary’s official website: #DRR
5 hours ago
#Yemen: 75 civilian casualties reported each week and more than 274,000 displaced since the beginning of 2019. UNHCR reiterates its call to all parties to the conflict to do their utmost to protect civilians and civilian infrastructure in Yemen. iMMAPer photo
11 hours ago
Conflicts in #Yemen led to displacement of over 3 million people. #EU-funded Social Protection for Community Resilience program supports the most vulnerable thru sustainable sources of food and income. Bashir Naji, 30, and his family, is one of them #youthskillsday @europeaid
1 day ago
As of 30 June, only 26% of NGO projects are implemented, negotiations regarding the other 74% ongoing. Over 2.5m people are affected by these bureaucratic delays which cumulatively affect $56m worth of programme activities. Read more @OCHAYemen @CBPFs iMMAPer photo
6 days ago
The first #Yemen Crisis Impact Overview is out!
A bi-monthly report to provide decision makers with a short, accessible overview of key trends and emerging challenges that may affect #humanitarian programming in #Yemen
Download the report:
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