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22 hours ago
Since 2012 iMMAP has been an official @StandbyPartner to United Nations agencies, providing skilled and experienced human resources in humanitarian emergencies.

Visit the 3-year iMMAP Standby Partnership Report: ⬇️

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2 days ago
On April 21, iMMAP MENA’s Philip Frost presented the iMMAP Open Data Cube at an event on remote sensing and open-source analysis for humanitarian action held during the 2021 #HNPW. 🔎

To watch Philip’s presentation (from 15:22), visit⬇️:

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3 days ago
iMMAP #Afghanistan delivered a training on “Intro to #InformationManagement and Basic Power BI” from April 11–13 with 12 participants from DRC, IRC, WHH and DACAAR.
The training was delivered through a mix of theoretical/practical exercises & participatory discussions.✅ 💯
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5 days ago
iMMAP Colombia🇨🇴,is using #artificialintelligence & satellite imagery to detect new Venezuelan population settlements and validates this information through remote characterization tools to prepare a humanitarian needs index.

Learn more➡️:
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6 days ago
In Burkina Faso🇧🇫 dried lands led cattle breeders to transhumance corridors to seek green pastures in neighboring countries. However, border closures resulting the pandemic have left them stranded having consequences on breeding in the region.
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