iMMAP Report: Pistachio Market System in Northwest Syria

Funded by USAID, iMMAP IMRC conducted a value chain study on the Pistachio market in northwest Syria from December 2018 to January 2019. The selection of the pistachio commodity has been carried out in close coordination with the Food Security and Livelihoods Cluster South Turkey Hub.

Aimed at understanding the current situation of the pistachio value chain in NWS, this study centered on the mapping and analysis of the pistachio market system through three layers: the market environment, the market chain and the key infrastructures, inputs and support services.

To facilitate this study, iMMAP consulted local actors in six sub districts of three governorates: Ain Al Arab, A’zaz and Jarablus in the Aleppo governorate, Idleb and Khan Shaykun in the Idleb governorate, and Suran in the Hama governorate. A total of 53 market actors were interviewed
as key informants along with four group discussions with consumers. With their help and input, the report gives a snapshot and a closer gaze at the market system status and bottlenecks, unearthing some compelling and potentially serviceable findings.