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2 days ago
Perception Survey Report on the Impact of COVID-19 on Well-Being of Children and CP Service Delivery in northeast Nigeria:

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3 days ago
iMMAP Ethiopia🇪🇹 developed a mobile monitoring system for the Public Health Institute (EPHI). Adapted to the needs of public health emergencies, the tool is being used to track and monitor COVID-19 trends.

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4 days ago
Taking a closer look at how the power of artificial intelligence (AI), remote sensing, and new methods for data analysis are shifting the dynamics of the sector

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2 weeks ago
From July 19-22, iMMAP MENA’s Capacity Building team held a four-day general information management training for staff from CARE International, Humanity & Inclusion and CHF International among others.

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2 weeks ago
iMMAP #Afghanistan has recently published three “Multi-Sectoral Dashboards for Humanitarian Response Services”, based on data reported to ReportHub by implementing partners, to @reliefweb.

The dashboards on ReliefWeb: