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5 hours ago
Today, iMMAP concludes a five-day general IM workshop held at its MENA Regional Office in Amman from Sept 15-19. The Capacity Building team trained the participants on data mapping, data analysis, and creating dashboards using the Adobe Illustrator.

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7 hours ago
We are at #HOTsummit2019. Looking forward to meeting the mapping community here in Heidelberg @hotosm @openstreetmap iMMAPer photo
7 hours ago
Excited to be in Heidelberg for the #HOTsummit2019! Can’t wait to catch up with @H2Hnet members and find out more about the latest happenings in the world of humanitarian mapping 🗺 Lively bunch!! @hotosm @mapaction @iMMAPer @IMPACT_init iMMAPer photo
1 day ago
#Humanitarian impact of #explosiveweapons:
📍 civilians injured & killed
📍 infrastructure such as hospitals damaged or destroyed
📍 denying civilians’ access to basic services for survival #StopBombingCivilians

New HI report ➡️
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2 days ago
Funded by USAID, iMMAP's IM Resource Center has released a value chain study report on the Pistachio market in northwest Syria.

In this two-month long study, iMMAP uncovered a number of potentially serviceable findings. Download the report here: #Syria