iMMAP Annual Report 2018

iMMAP turns data into information and creates knowledge for decision makers operating in development contexts, situations of violence, post-disaster, and conflict recovery. Our mission is to harness the power of information to facilitate evidence-based decisions to improve people’s lives.

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We offer our partners the full spectrum of information, knowledge, and change management skills and services.
Our expertise is linked with thematic knowledge in humanitarian aid assistance and emergency response (e.g. food security, health, coordination, development, disaster risk reduction, humanitarian mine action, security, climate change, agriculture, and much more),
allowing us to support humanitarian actors to solve operational and strategic challenges. We are experts in working in high-risk environments as a result of political instability, economic crisis, security threats, and natural disasters.
We partner with organizations to provide more effective services based on informed decision-making, which ultimately leads to improved outcomes for vulnerable communities.
This cost-saving approach enables humanitarian aid and development organizations to provide high-quality assistance that impacts the wider population.

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What our partners think

iMMAP22 hours ago
Proud of fellow iMMAPer, Mary Jones, who won two gold medals at the 11th Abu Dhabi World Professional Jiu-Jitsu Championship on Saturday, 20 April.

MJ, as we call her, goes above and beyond not only in sports but also at work for the iMMAP MENA office as an analyst.

Mabrouk, MJ!

#1" target="_blank">
iMMAP6 days ago
As part of capacity building efforts towards supporting humanitarian response actors, iMMAP Nigeria continued their implementation of Information Management (IM) Capacity Building activities by delivering two separate training programs for partners in Maiduguri, Borno State (Round 5), and in Damaturu, Yobe State (Round 6).

#capacitybuilding #training #informationmanagement #Nigeria
iMMAP2 weeks ago
This year, Afghanistan is heavily suffering from floods which destroy households and infrastructures, and trigger landslides.

Since the beginning of 2019, flash floods in Afghanistan have affected more than 163 000 people and have caused the displacement of 42 000 people.

As part of its DRR program and continuous support to the Humanitarian and Afghan communities, iMMAP supports the response by providing Information products by gathering, visualizing and analyzing critical data about affected people and areas.

#Afghanistan #FlashFloods #DRR #InformationManagement

Picture Credits: Javed Tanveer/AFP/Getty Images
iMMAP2 weeks ago
The conference aimed to strengthen the integration between Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), Climate Change Adaptation (CCA), and sustainable management of ecosystems in Afghanistan to continue advancing towards the Sustainable Development Goals and the agreements of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction.

iMMAP highlighted the power of timely and accurate data through remote sensing technologies and visualization systems to facilitate the work of our DRR and CCA partners in Afghanistan.

#drr #climatechange #afghanistan #environment #remotesensing #datavisualization
iMMAP2 weeks ago
Today, iMMAP representatives are attending a one-day conference, “Catalytic Philanthropy and Public Service” organized by Al Sahm Women, a startup built on the notion that professional women should benefit from uniquely feminine networking events and opportunities to communicate with each other.

The one day conference is designed to find out how women in the MENA region are changing the lives and environments of the world, putting a spotlight on female philanthropists, professors, public service and government leaders, and women running NGOs in the region.

#femaleempowerment #powerfulwomen

5 days ago
With schools like this one destroyed by war, children in Yemen have no place to learn.

Today, 2 million children across the country are out of school.

Yemen's children deserve a future.
6 days ago
iMMAP Nigeria Engages in IM Capacity Building Activities for Partners in Maiduguri and Damaturu
#capacitybuilding #training #informationmanagement #Nigeria
iMMAPer photo
6 days ago
“I think JIPS’ collaborative approach provided a unique perspective to the whole process, esp. on the toolkit, which is the skeleton of the project.” Our conversation with Ola Samarah @iMMAPer about data collection in #Syria and the methodology approach. iMMAPer photo
1 week ago
Limited access, lack of first-hand knowledge: these are some of the challenges partners faced during data collection in Syrian cities. Ola Samarah @iMMAPer, who had worked with us on developing the methodology, told us how they overcame these issues ► iMMAPer photo
2 weeks ago
Since the beginning of 2019, flash floods in #Afghanistan have affected more than 163 000 people and have caused the displacement of 42 000 people.
iMMAP supports the response by providing IM products visualizing and analyzing key data about affected people and areas.
iMMAPer photo

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