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1 week ago
The ongoing Brussels III Conference addresses the most critical humanitarian and resilience issues affecting Syrians and communities affecting Syrian refugees, while also reaffirming the international community’s political and financial support for Syria’s neighbors.
2 weeks ago
From 12-14 March, iMMAP will take part in the 3rd conference on ‘Supporting the future of Syria and the region’, which takes place in Brussels.

Its aim is to further mobilize efforts to support the Syrian people and achieve a lasting political solution to the #Syria crisis.
2 weeks ago
This is the story of Ebrahim Al-Towayti. Despite the obstacles he faces in his war-torn, native #Yemen, Ebrahim has delivered invaluable products to help fellow Yemenis.

Check out his Success Story, here: …/finding-a-home-at-immap-ebrahim-finds-…/
3 weeks ago
jeffrey Villaveces, iMMAP´s Country Director in Colombia, explaining the methodology for using Facebook data to assist in the Venezuela response.
3 weeks ago
Snapshot of the Atlas RMAC-S Districts Profile, developed by iMMAP Iraq-GIS section containing more than 120 maps, 110 charts, figures, and precise statistical information about multiple activities carried in the mine action center.
#mineaction #dataanalysis #gis
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